How to create and post out content

If Rallio is new to you, or you need a refresher, watch this video to find out how to create and post out content.

How to AddCreate and Post Out Content - Vidyard GoVideo


Hi, I'm Audrey I'm the marketing coordinator at TracPoint. Today I'm going to show you how to create a piece of content and post it out to your pages. So, when you log into the platform, you go over to the database tab and then you're going to go over to the add edit content tab.
This is where you can create a piece of content from scratch. So, I'm just going to hit go ahead and add some post text here. So, I already have some it saved in my click or something to paste it. So, 10% off all accessories for a limited time only. So, you would just go ahead and start typing that text in there or if you have it copied you can paste it as well and I'm gonna go ahead and add an image. You have the option to add a link, an image, a video, gif, or a coupon so I'm gonna add an image and you want to make sure it's available for all users so that way if you do have hubs and stores under you that you want this piece of content to go into their libraries as well. It will be available for them as well. So, I'm just going to go ahead, I have an accessories

Image saved on my desktop and you can see it's loaded, and then I click “add” and now the thumbnail the image shows here. It's just a thumbnail, so if you click on it, it will show you the actual size of the image just so if you want to double check. And, I want to go out to my Twitter LinkedIn and Instagram pages as well, so to do that you just click on the Twitter tab and then click add content from and select Facebook. And what that does is just drops in the text and the image for you so you don't have to do any manual copy or pasting. And then we're going to add some tags. So, these tabs are internal use only so this is how you can filter through the content library to find this piece of content. If It's a piece of content you think you could use again, I do recommend adding tags. If it's just a promotion you think you're just going to use this one time, you don't need to spend the time to add any tags and worry about that, but it's super simple.

All you do is like, 10% off. I always hit the comma button you could hit enter or the arrow and it will make a separate tag for you. Accessories or anything that you think will help you find this piece of content later in the content library and then you would leave on “manual schedule” only. I'm going to post it to all of my hubs you do have the option if you have hubs under you that you want to give a specific piece of content to you can select that. I'm going to set an expiration date since it is a promotion. So, let's say I want it to go out until or be able to be used and not expire. It doesn't expire until the 22nd, so accept the expiration date or the end date to the 22nd. What this does is it’s available in the content library for these dates. As well if I select this it will automatically delete it from Facebook and Twitter once it has hit that date of March 22nd. So now I'm just going to go ahead and post this out to my pages because it's ready to go so to do that. I click approve and schedule and then the scheduling window will open. I'm going to post it off to all of my locations and, it's simple, I click post now. It reminds you, it's like, are you sure you want to post now? And then I click post now and you can see it's going out to all my pages and it will get there momentarily.