HOW TO Add an Admin to facebook Business Manager

Sometimes you just can't figure it out. Facebook Business Manager can be a difficult program to learn. Watch this video to find out how to add an admin to Facebook Business Manager.

Adding an Admin to Facebook Business Manager - Vidyard GoVid-1


Hey guys, it's Elizabeth from TracPoint. I'm gonna show you in this video how to add an admin to your Facebook business manager account. You'll want to do this to give someone access to boosted posts or to anyone above a typical Rallio user. Someone with access to financial records, which is never available through Rallio, or people will sometimes need to be in your business manager as an admin.
First, visit business.facebook.com. if you're logged in to your business manager, then it will show you in the upper right hand corner your business settings, which you could also go to business.facebook.com/settings to drive yourself directly there. It's super simple. You can see each of your pages and who is already an administrator on those pages. In the upper left of the page, you can see the people and the pages. So in the people tab, we're gonna click the add button. This will allow you to type in the business email address, so you can send it to the business address, but when they accept this invitation, They're going to be asked to log in with their personal Facebook account. It is best practice to use a real, dynamic profile page as opposed to creating a dummy page. people have done this in the past, but now Facebook will flag those as Fraud and close the page. As to not get locked out of Facebook, encourage your employees to please use their private accounts and you'll notice, in the background of the screen here, your personal page, as well as profile photo is kept completely separate from the business manager.
Moving on, we're just gonna say email@company.com, and send that right off. Then turn on on admin access here. Then, "Show Advanced Options" within Rallio. You're not showing any of your credit card information, so you can add all of your store managers in Rallio securely. If you'd like someone to help you out by analyzing ad spends or editing budgets, etc, you're gonna need this advanced options drop down at the bottom.
Next, decide which pages you want them to have access to if you have specific roles and permissions in Rallio, that you only are allowing people access to certain certain locations in Rallio, It should correspond in facebook business manager. You don't need to do this unless you'd like that Person to be able to control the spend, okay? Then just by clicking invite, you've chosen those pages and it closes right out again. Please encourage your people to use their personal private Facebook accounts to log in to the business manager and remind them that the profile photo does not show and there is no link to their personal Facebook page.
I hope that's helps! email support@tracpoint.com if you've got any questions or need any help. have a great day guys!