Check Your Listings
Did you know... if a retailer's location info contradicts itself online, the location will be down prioritized in online search results? Don't worry, though, we've already got a solution to this problem, and it plugs right into our social media management tool, Rallio. Talk to us to find out how to improve your SEO, limit misinformation about your locations online, and get notified of public mentions on listing sites.
The best part? TracPoint corrects any location misinformation once and for all. No, it won't revert back to a mess if you cancel your subscription, like it does with some other service providers whom we won't mention...

Manage Locations

stay up-to-date

Instantly sync and update multiple locations' address and contact info across the web from your own personal dashboard.

Get Notified 

obscure review sites

People can leave comments and reviews on many directory listing services. This is important to monitor.


Data Security

claim your pages

Your location data is protected when you own your pages. No other party will be able to edit or tamper with your published location data.


Get Insights

simple analytics

You can generate and download comprehensive reports, and measure progress across multiple locations over time with integrated analytics presented in simple graphs.


Fix Bad Data

be found everywhere

You will no longer have the problem of wrong location information, you'll have a consistent presence across 48 directories and even voice search.

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Measure Progress

so easy to follow along

You can automatically track rankings and traffic, Access insights on Google My Business, Facebook and Bing profiles such as profile visits, calls, direction requests and more.




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